• Added runes icon information to runes/tickers and runes/ticker_info. New fields are: icon_inscr_id, icon_delegate_id, icon_content_url, icon_render_url

  • Added global activity endpoint (combined view of ordinals, brc20 and runes) to dedicated servers: /v3/wallet/global_activity


  • Added optional rune_id, rune_name, rune_number filter to runes/wallet_activity endpoint.


  • Added brc20/wallet_activity endpoint

  • Added rune_number as optional input on all endpoints that accepts rune_id as input

  • Improved performance on runes balances related endpoints

  • Added total_volume sorting to runes/tickers

  • Added avg_unit_price_in_sats, min_listed_unit_price_in_sats, listed_supply, listed_supply_ratio, marketcap and total_sale_info fields to runes/ticker_info for PRO API Keys

  • Added runes/ticker_cnt endpoint

  • Increased limit for runes/holders to 5000 for PRO API Keys


  • Updated price calculation algorithm used in runes to use the median unit price.

  • Added listing information to runes endpoints:

    • Added min_listed_unit_price_in_sats and min_listed_unit_price_unisat to runes/wallet_balances

    • Added min_listed_unit_price_in_sats, min_listed_unit_price_unisat, listed_supply and listed_supply_ratio to runes/tickers

    • Added min_price, min_unit_price, unisat_price, unisat_unit_price to runes/valid_outputs

    • Added min_price and unisat_price to runes/wallet_valid_outputs

    • Added new endpoints: runes/market_info, runes/listings, runes/wallet_valid_outputs_single_rune


  • Added signet support via endpoint:


  • Added Magic Eden support to Runes sales indexing. (Since sales are indexed directly from the chain, we actually support almost all current and future marketplaces already, this support is only for distinguishing which sale happened on which marketplace) Currently supporting:

    • Unisat

    • OKX

    • Ordinals Wallet

    • Magic Eden


  • Added decimals to all related runes endpoints:

    • runes/wallet_balances, runes/wallet_valid_outputs, runes/holders, runes/output_info, runes/batch_output_info, runes/valid_outputs, runes/activity, runes/wallet_activity, runes/events_on_tx, runes/activity_on_block


  • Added on-chain sale information to runes endpoints. These changes are only available on PRO API-Keys

    • runes/tickers added avg_unit_price_in_sats, marketcap, 3h-6h-9h-12h-1d-3d-7d-30d-total volumes, sale count and sale amount (total sold amount). Also added avg_unit_price_in_sats and marketcap orderings.

    • runes/wallet_balances added avg_unit_price_in_sats

    • Added runes/sales_info endpoint.

    • Added sale_info field to runes/activity, runes/wallet_activity, runes/events_on_tx and runes/activity_on_block. If the event is a sale event, this will not be null and it'll be an object including sale_price, sold_to_pkscript, sold_to_wallet_addr, marketplace properties.

  • Added decimals to runes/wallet_balances

  • avg_unit_price_in_sats => Calculated by taking the average unit price of sales in last 6 hrs. If there are not enough sale in last 6 hrs, it'll look at latest several sales, if there is not enough sale on the ticker, it'll return null. Note that this is scaled by decimals to make ordering more meaningful.


  • Updated runes backend to ord 0.18.1

  • Added new auto_upgrade(turbo) field to rune information endpoints. runes/tickers, runes/ticker_info

  • Enabled runes API on mainnet.


  • Added /v3/runes/testnet_faucet where users with API-Key can request testnet rune 10 times per 24 hours.

    • The returned rune has decimals: 8

    • The mint amount is 1.0 (1_0000_0000)

    • If the faucet drains, it'll stop working so any tBTC contribution to tb1pxph9qxtvszufzt4qfk4ftxxkg3jrwdypdjkqxj9zwtcl0kwu8qkqu7df8n is appreciated.


  • Added Testnet Runes support


  • Updated inscription suite to ord v0.16.0

  • Added delegate and parent ids support.

  • Added rendered urls for recursive inscriptions. Rendering is done asynchronously so some new recursive inscriptions may not have rendered images yet.

  • On collection information endpoints: icon_render_url field is added for recursive inscription icons of some collections. Also, if collection_icon is an inscription id and that inscription has an inscribed delegate, icon_render_url and icon_url will use delegate inscription information. collection/info, collection/collections

  • On inscription information endpoints: parent_ids, render_url and delegate fields are added. delegate field has delegate_id, render_url, mime_type, content_url and bis_url subfields. If the inscription doesn't have delegate_id set, then delegate field will be null. If the inscription does have delegate_id set but this id hasn't been inscribed yet, then only delegate_id subfield will have value, others will be null. collection/inscriptions, wallet/inscriptions, inscription/single_info_id, inscription/batch_info, inscription/new_inscriptions_in_block


  • Updated whole metaprotocol suite to OPI v0.4.0

  • Added original_ticker, is_self_mint and burned_supply to ticker info endpoints: brc20/tickers, brc20/ticker_info

  • Added original_ticker, parent_id and is_self_mint to event endpoints: brc20/single_info, brc20/batch_info, brc20/activity_on_block


  • Added bitmap_number to inscription/single_info_id, inscription/batch_info, inscription/new_inscriptions_in_block and wallet/inscriptions.


  • Added byte_size to inscription/single_info_id, inscription/batch_info, inscription/new_inscriptions_in_block.

  • Added listed_count, floor_price, floor_price_ordswap, floor_price_magiceden, floor_price_ordinalswallet, floor_price_gammaio, floor_price_ordynals, floor_price_ordinalsmarket, floor_price_okx, vol_24h_in_btc, vol_7d_in_btc, sale_cnt_7d, vol_total_in_btc, sale_cnt_total, marketcap to pro tier collection/collections.

  • Added brc20/event_from_txid endpoint.

  • Added optional wallet filter to brc20/activity.


  • Updated metaprotocol backend to OPI v0.2.0 which uses ord 0.14.0 with vindicated charm added.


  • Added OrdinalNovus to Sale Marketplace Identifier.

  • Increased page size of wallet/inscriptions, brc20/validtxnotes and brc20/validtxnotes_wallet to 2000.

  • Moved brc20/validtxnotes and brc20/validtxnotes_wallet to Basic API category.

  • Added optional cursed_only filter to wallet/inscriptions.


  • Updated to ord v0.12.3

  • BRC20 and Bitmap backend now uses OPI.

  • Added brc20/batch_info endpoint.

  • Added new fields to response of brc20/tickers.


  • Added inscription/activity_on_block enterprise endpoint.


  • Improved performance of brc20 balance_on_block endpoints.

  • Increased query limit of batch_balance_on_block to 100.


  • Upgraded API backend to ord 0.9.0

  • Opened testnet API


  • Added sub1k and sub10k meta-collections.

  • Added brc20/batch_balance_on_block enterprise endpoint.

  • Added owner_wallet_addr to all listing endpoints.


  • Added /v3/brc20/all_validtxnotes and /v3/brc20/all_balances enterprise endpoints.

  • Added bitmap endpoints.


  • Added new Magic Eden Batch Sale type to our sale-indexer and marketplace-indexer. All missing sales have been indexed.

  • Added inscription/new_inscriptions_in_block Enterprise endpoint.

  • Added ticker to the response of brc20/validtxnotes_wallet.

  • Added satpoint to the responses of brc20/validtxnotes and brc20/validtxnotes_wallet

  • Added optional ticker filter to brc20/wallet_balances

  • Added old_satpoint and new_satpoint to the response of brc20/activity_on_block

  • Added sale_amount (how many tokens have been sold) to the response of brc20/sales_info

  • Added optional last_new_satpoint parameter to brc20/activity too. It works the same as collection/activity

  • Fixed collection/holders response for an empty collection. Now the endpoint returns an empty array.


  • added brc20/activity_on_block and brc20/balance_on_block Enterprise endpoints.


  • added brc20/validtxnotes_wallet to get valid brc-20 tx notes of a given wallet address

  • added inscription/global_info which returns total count of inscriptions, count of different mime types, and some global volume information

  • added inscription/batch_info which returns information about multiple inscriptions (up to 100) using their number or id or location (utxo)

  • added nonbrc20_inscription_count to wallet/metadata


  • added okx listings to API

    • collection/market_info

    • collection/listings

    • wallet/listings

    • inscription/single_info_id

  • added brc20/activity_on_block endpoint

  • added brc20/balance_on_block endpoint

  • optimised indexer and queries


  • added exclude_brc20 to wallet/inscriptions

  • added wallet/metadata endpoint

  • added sats/activity endpoint

  • increased count limit on wallet/inscriptions to 500

  • added optional paging to collection/holders

  • return only listed items on collection/listings & wallet/listings & brc20/listings

  • made api-key mandatory, apply for a free/trial key to test our API

  • enabled auto transition to free-tier when a key got expired

  • fixed a problem about unisat/okx sale marketplace identification


  • collection/sales_info and brc20/sales_info now supports setting a marketplace to get statistics for only selected marketplace

  • collection/activity wallet/activity and inscription/activity now returns marketplace_type on sale events

  • collection/inscriptions and wallet/inscriptions now returns genesis_height too

  • brc20/tickers now uses an optional minting_status parameter to filter tickers based on their minting status

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